DamoclesVR (Software Engineer)

A VR demo on the HTC Vive done for 3Blackdot. Three minute experience where the player must push buttons, flip levers and turn valves to stop their spaceship from crashing into the sun. Done in Unreal Engine 4 with two other software engineers and a level designer. Presented at South by Southwest 2016.

Given that we had to complete the project under tight time constraints, I'm surprised it turned out at as well as it did. The VR itself was familiar, but the addition of motion controllers was definitely a curveball. I was quite happy with how smoothly I got interactions with the various objects to be, at least until we got to a live testing environment. Despite my best intentions, some people still had trouble with buttons. Getting the experience to a state where it can be played in various settings and not just events with known room dimensions will be a challenge, but should be interesting to tackle.

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