Square-Enix Internship (Programmer)

Presentation of virtual reality demo created during 6 month internship in Square-Enix Japan. Two-player networked multiplayer game done in Unreal Engine 4 with C++. Asymmetrical gameplay between oculus and Kinect. Kinect head tracking used to position in game camera to reflect real world perspective. Kinect player then seeks to capture oculus player, who can see out into the 'real world' via the kinect's camera feed.

My first foray into industry and virtual reality. Definitely an experience in how small problems can snowball and take over a project. Still I'm pleased with some of the design decisions and how they were executed, though there's always room for improvement. I tried a lot of creative tricks to get the Kinect's camera feed to replicate reliably to the oculus player, and while I didn't quite get the effect I wanted, I learned a lot about networking and graphics.

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